Visit Amazing Thansur Bokor Resort in Kampot Cambodia

Sopheak Pich

Name: Thansur Bokor
Type: Resort
Price for entrance: 50 cents/motor

ThanSur Bokor Entrance

 Thansur Bokor amazed me by its natural beauty and gave me such peaceful relaxing experience.
From Phnom Penh to Thansur Bokor, it is around 180 km and 2-hour drive on National Highway 3.
A Resort on the top a long mountain in Kampot.

Early evening view from the mountain

When I got there, the weather wasn’t nice but not bad either. September is in the rainy season, so it has to rain often. Because of the rain, I was extremely excited to go further and further.
I felt like where I stood and the path I was driving in was somewhere outside Cambodia. Since it brought me a complete new experience in the paradise. 😀

it’s very cloudy up there but it’s beautiful

There are many things to see  and do there. You can explore the forest, ride bicycle, eat food, or even stay there overnight. There are a hug hotel, restaurant and casino and shopping center too. Even though I can’t visit all its places but some. I’d like to apologize for not good pictures and too few for this time. Here are some pictures I’ve taken.

Trying to jump in to  the air
Old French Casino from the last several decades
somewhere near Yeay Mao statue
Mr Veng, my motor driver and guide

Finally, after spending several hours there, I returned and got myself these foods to regain my energy 😀

NumPang Khor Ko
Banh Chhaev

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